Roseville/Bulletin police reports • Published June 11, 2019

Arden Hills

How disorderly was it?

Deputies headed to the 3200 block of Lake Johanna Boulevard the afternoon of May 26 on a report of an assault and ended up citing a 64-year-old man for disorderly conduct.


Theft from auto

A 24-year-old woman told police May 26 that someone stole her purse from her car as it was parked outside her place in the 1300 block of Forest Lane some time in the preceding 24 hours. The bag contained gift cards, her ID, sunglasses and her debit card, which had been used before she discovered it missing.


Tough test

A 31-year-old Blaine man became upset after failing his driving test May 29 at the Minnesota Drivers Exam Station in the 5400 block of Old Highway 8, enough so that staffers called the cops. He’s going to have to take the test somewhere else — he’s been trespassed from the station.



Falcon Heights

Deputy on deputy

The night of May 26 on Hoyt Avenue, a deputy crashed their squad car into another deputy’s squad, causing damage to its back and side. The deputies involved were a 29-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman.



Police suspect a 42-year-old woman is responsible for the illegal dumping of a couch near a dumpster and other items inside it as discovered the morning of May 30 in the 1400 block of California Avenue.


Road trip soured

An 18-year-old woman from De Smet, South Dakota, had her trip to the Soundset music festival, which was held at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, soured after she discovered someone had gotten into her vehicle and stolen her debit card. The car had been parked in the 1600 block of Larpenteur Avenue. By the time she’d discovered the theft the thief had used the card.





A 39-year-old man stopped on Walnut Street May 23 was searched and found to be in possession of methamphetamine. He was released and told he’d be formally charged for fifth-degree possession. 



A 21-year-old Minneapolis man stopped May 25 on Larpenteur Avenue at 33rd Avenue blew a .15 alcohol concentration. He was booked at the Ramsey County Jail for fourth-degree DWI, driving with a cancelled license, no proof of insurance and driving an uninsured car.


Gotta lock it

A 16-year-old girl told police May 20 that she parked her car at Lauderdale Community Park and left her purse in her unlocked vehicle — when she came back the purse was gone and her car had been rummaged through. She said she was out her ID, debit cards, gift cards, $45 cash, keys and phone charger, a loss of $335.



Little Canada


A 44-year-old woman told police she came home to her place in the 100 block of Little Canada Road the evening of May 31 and found the door open; someone had stolen her TV, a watch and some necklaces.


Diamond thief

A 48-year-old St. Paul woman told police May 29 that she discovered somewhere had stolen her diamond ring from her work station during her lunch break from where she works in the 200 block of South Owasso Boulevard.



Police reports out of Mounds View were not available this week


New Brighton

Crimes on crimes

A couple tried to use a counterfeit $100 bill at the McDonald’s in the 1100 block of Silver Lake Road the evening of June 3. As staffers scrutinized the bill the duo took off, leaving in a car that ended having stolen plates on it. The owner of the car that the plates matched said her car had been parked at home all day.


Garage burglary

A 65-year-old woman said someone got into her attached garage overnight into May 31 in the 2400 block of 10th Street and stole about $720 worth of things, including power tools, chargers, a generator and a snowblower. There was no sign of forced entry and the woman said she was unsure if the garage door had been closed.


Stolen coin collection

A 25-year-old woman told police the morning of June 4 that someone had entered her locked car overnight as it was parked in the 2200 block of Silver Lane. The prowler had rummaged through the interior and opened the car’s hood and trunk, but in the end only took a collection of half-dollar coins dated between 1940 and 1976, $40 worth of them.


Stolen package

A 34-year-old woman who lives in the 500 block of Riviera Drive told police the afternoon of June 3 someone had stolen a package off her front porch sometime on May 31. FedEx confirmed the package had been delivered; it contained a black TV frame worth $193.26.




Brake fire

Deputies were on scene with firefighters May 30 at the intersection of Lexington Avenue and County Road F to help a 39-year-old Brooklyn Center woman put out a brake fire that was burning up her car. They used a fire extinguisher to get things under control.


CO2 alarm

Deputies helped firefighters the night of May 29 respond to a carbon dioxide alarm going off at a home in the 1500 block of Knight Street. Responders had to breakdown an inside door that was locked to get to two sleeping children, who were taken outside. They were fine and nobody else in the home showed any symptoms of carbon dioxide poisoning.


How’s this work?

A 23-year-old woman told police May 28 that she gave an unknown person who’d contacted her over the phone $876 worth of gift card numbers to stop them from using her Social Security number to traffic drugs.


Recovered motorcycle

Police tracked down a motorcycle May 31 that had been reported as stolen out of Oakdale in the 4800 block of Nottingham Place. It will be reunited with its owner, a 47-year-old Woodbury man.



St. Anthony

Hot car

A 32-year-old man contacted St. Anthony PD May 20 to say his car had been stolen out of St. Paul and then recovered in Roseville and sent to impound. When he went to impound, all involved discovered the car had been stolen out of the tow lot. The estimated loss was nearly $34,000 — inside the man’s car were his golf clubs, speakers, an amp, a jacket and other clothing. Somehow, on May 21, the car was again found, back in St. Paul, with all the guy’s property inside. Police have a possible suspect.


Moved to keep save

A 37-year-old woman told police May 25 that she’d left her purse unattended in a waiting area at the clinic in the 3700 block of Foss Road. It’d gone missing but turned up; an employee at the clinic said they’d moved it to keep it safe. The woman said she was missing $30 cash and her debit card.


Purse at the police station trick

Employees at the Cub Foods in the 3900 block of Silver Lake Road told police May 21 about three women who stole $57.24 worth of merchandise — in the process, one of them slapped a store employee and perhaps swerved her car towards another. Police tracked down two of the women, ages 18 and 19, and cited them for misdemeanor theft. The third woman’s purse was found with the other two, so police contacted the third woman and told her to come get her purse at the police station. Once there, the woman, 19, was issued citations for misdemeanor theft and fifth-degree assault.



An employee at the municipal liquor store in the 2600 block of 39th Avenue saw a man steal a bottle of liquor May 20, and police tracked down a 22-year-old man who fit the description of the apparent thief, though the clerk said they were unable to identify the man as the person who boosted the bottle with 100% certitude. The man was issued a trespass notice for the business.


Trailers are tough

A 67-year-old man told police May 23 that he found his 2008 Ford truck attached to its trailer with boat a block away from his home in the 3200 block of Roosevelt Street unoccupied and blocking the road. The man had left the truck unlocked with the keys in the center console the night prior; all that he ended up losing was his checkbook from the truck.





Assaults were reported:

• June 3 at Interstate 35W and Highway 36

• June 4 at Central Park Elementary



Burglaries were reported:

• May 29 in the 1900 block of Arona Street

• May 30 in the 600 block of Terrace Drive

• May 30 in the 300 block of Millwood Street

• June 1 in the 1700 block of Fernwood Avenue



Thefts were reported:

• May 29 at Xperience Fitness (two reports)

• May 29 at Target

• May 29 at Har Mar Mall

• May 29 at Rosedale Center (two reports)

• May 30 at Rosedale Center

• May 30 at Norwood Inn & Suites

• May 30 at Har Mar Mall

• May 30 in the 500 block of County Road B

• May 30 at Erik’s Bike, Board & Ski

• May 30 at Walmart

• May 31 at Har Mar Mall (two reports)

• May 31 at Rosedale Center

• May 31 at Perkins

• May 31 at Kohl’s

• June 1 at Walmart

• June 1 at Rosedale Center (two reports)

• June 3 at Rosedale Center

• June 3 in the 2800 block of Rice Street

• June 3 in the 1200 block of Woodhill Drive

• June 3 in the 1000 block of Roma Avenue

• June 3 at Rosedale Center

• June 4 at Walmart

• June 4 at Har Mar Mall (three reports)

• June 4 at Motel 6


Motor vehicle thefts were reported:

• May 29 in the 2100 block of Dale Street

• May 29 in the 1700 block of South Highway 36 Service Drive

• May 29 at Rosedale Center

• May 30 in the 1100 block of Brooks Avenue

• May 31 in the 2700 block of Victoria Street

• May 31 in the 700 block of County Road B


Thefts from auto were reported:

• May 30 in the 800 block of Parker Avenue

• May 30 in the 1100 block of Sandhurst Drive

• May 31 in the 2700 block of Hamline Avenue

• May 31 in the 2800 block of Hamline Avenue

• June 3 in the 3000 block of Woodbridge Street

• June 3 in the 1600 block of Highway 36


Shoplifting was reported:

• May 29 at Rosedale Center

• May 30 at Target

• May 31 at Von Maur

• June 3 at Rosedale Center (three reports)

• June 3 at Har Mar Mall (two reports)

• June 3 at Walmart (two reports)

• June 3 at Target

• June 3 at Von Maur

• June 4 at Har Mar Mall

• June 4 at Rosedale Center (two reports)



Driving while intoxicated was reported:

• May 29 at Lexington Avenue and County Road C

• June 2 in the 1700 block of Larpenteur Avenue


Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct was reported:

• May 30 at Walmart

• May 30 at Har Mar Mall

• May 31 at Rosedale Center

• May 31 at Key Inn & Suites

• June 1 at Key Inn & Suites

• June 1 at Winner Gas

• June 1 at Rosedale Center (two reports)

• June 1 at Radisson Hotel

• June 3 at Motel 6

• June 3 at Walmart

• June 4 at Lexington Park

• June 4 at Total Wine



Robbery was reported:

• May 29 in the 900 block of Highway 36

• June 4 in the 900 block of Highway 36


Shots Fired

Shots were reportedly fired:

• June 2 in the 2700 block of Rice Street

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