LETTER: Thanks to Peterson for a successful sale

To the Editor:


The North St. Paul garage sale was a big success. Many thanks to North St. Paul council member Candy Peterson for all her hard work making the sale possible. She did a great job organizing, getting the word out in the utility newsletter, getting maps printed up and putting the sale online. Even the St. Paul Pioneer Press had an article about the sale. 

Candy is from a family of go-getters. Her father served the city for many years and was very instrumental in North St. Paul. Candy is no different, she is a good listener and she will make it happen if it is in her power. What Candy may not realize is she helped stimulate the economy of North St. Paul. I talked to several people who participated in the sale and there were a variety of reason they had sales —  to de-clutter their houses, pay doctor bills, to pay for groceries, pay rent, a sense of community pride and keeping things out of landfills. 

Thank you, Candy. I look forward to next year’s sale. 


Sandra Keller 

North St. Paul

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