LETTER: I support District 622’s bond request on May 14

To the Editor:


I am a proud graduate of North High School in District 622. The last time the district requested voter support for a bond was in 1994 when they built Skyview Community School and North High School. In my role as Senator, I frequently visit our buildings. I have seen how outdated the spaces are as well as the general disrepair that comes with aging structures. Our buildings need renovation and the ballot proposal on May 14 allows for the much-needed improvements.

 I think the district is doing the right thing by taking advantage of this unique funding opportunity to make updates district-wide instead of just to one area or another. Adding secure entrances at all sites is a great safety strategy that I also fully support.

 I hope you will join me in supporting the district’s efforts for better and safer learning environments.


Sen. Chuck Wiger

District 43

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