LETTER: Invest in the U of M

To the Editor:


I am honored to be the incoming student body president at the University of Minnesota Morris. Since graduating from Tartan Senior High School in 2017, my college story has been one of opportunity, like so many other University of Minnesota students.

I have had the opportunity to be involved in student government, to be a research assistant to a political science professor, to complete valuable internships that fit my course of study and even to study abroad in Cuba, all of which will prepare me for a career in public policy. The University of Minnesota prides itself on student-faculty connections that give students life-changing opportunities like these.

When looking at this year’s legislative request from the University of Minnesota, it is not fancy or extravagant. It is merely to maintain the University’s excellence and allow it to continue offering these amazing opportunities to students. Funding this year’s legislative request could safeguard tuition from drastically increasing, something that would put a financial burden on students and families.

Minnesota needs U of M graduates for the state to continue to grow. It is estimated that every state dollar invested in the University creates $13 for the state. A strong University of Minnesota means a strong Minnesota.

State funding is necessary for the University to provide these opportunities to students and Minnesotans, to stabilize tuition and to invest in the growth of our state. University graduates are the future leaders of Minnesota.


Samuel J. Rosemark

Tartan High School graduate

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