LETTER: Looking for answers about the District 622 referendum

To the Editor:


The District 622 school bond referendum, if approved by voters, will provide money for the construction of two new elementaries and improvements to many of the district’s buildings. It will also allow the district to close Webster and Skyview Elementary and close and demolish Maplewood Middle and Oakdale Elementary. 

Why is the district not utilizing the gym and three classrooms that were added to Oakdale in 2000 to construct a new elementary building and to support the student population in the southern part of the district? Approximately 2,069 students attend Carver, Eagle Point, Oakdale and Skyview elementaries. If the referendum passes, the new Eagle Point elementary will hold 800 students. Carver, with its renovation, will hold an extra 100 students. Those two schools will only have capacity for about 1,424 students. That means about 600 students who currently attend a school in the southern part of the district will be bussed to the new elementary that will be built on the Maplewood Middle School site. Is that what parents in this district want? 

The district has spent more money than expected on both of the renovations to Castle and Richardson. What is the contingency plan if more expenses are incurred once they start renovating more of our district’s aging buildings? The residents of this district deserve to know the details of the plans for renovations/new builds, a timeline for the order and completion of all projects and what school boundary changes look like before voting on May 14.


Paula Grau 


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