Maplewood Senior Living: Uplifting the community at all stages

The new and improved gallery remodel of the Care Center.

Jill, Marie, Lynda, Nic and Gia are ready to help patients at Maplewood Senior Living.

The Maplewood Campus has recently undergone a name change and become Maplewood Senior Living. 


With its new name to better reflect the overarching campus and recent renovations to the facility and more on the way, Maplewood Senior Living is ready to accommodate any and all needs.

The campus has two main buildings: the Homestead at Maplewood, for assisted living, and the Maplewood Care Center, which offers skilled nursing care.

"We have a great Care Center where patients can receive therapy and nursing so they can return to their previous living arrangement," says Executive Director Sara Sterling.

Along with general health support, the Care Center also offers a secure memory support community for dementia and Alzheimer's patients. It also has three long-term care communities. One is focused on end of life care, another is focused on general long-term care, while the third is for the younger population.

"We work with the county's relocation workers for our younger population," Sterling explains. "We act as a stop along the way for their recovery."

The Homestead part of the campus allows residents to age in place through end of life care while offering assisted living and memory support services. 

Maplewood Senior Living also offers healing touch, aroma therapy, massage therapy and music therapy. All of the services are available without any additional fees.

"Assisted living communities tend to be à la carte, and you have to pay for additional services," Sterling says. "Our extras are also nice to have, so people don't have to leave their living space. And we see better reception to the therapies when residents are in a place where they're comfortable."

The Homestead at Maplewood and the Maplewood Care Center have a long history with Volunteers of America. 

"This is the first site Volunteers of America owned for its health care services branch, so it's kind of the legacy building" Sterling says, pointing out that it's uncommon for such a facility to stay under the same ownership for so long.

"Wherever we are in our community, we want to serve that community," Sterling says. "We're in it for the long haul."

From the younger population to senior living, the community is made up of diverse people and is dedicated to helping each and every patient live comfortably. 

"Our mission is to uplift all," says Sterling. "For us, whatever community we're in, we want to meet that need. We really want to embrace that population." 

With recent improvements including a new front entrance, dedicated staffers — many with more than 15 years of experience — and a trusted organization behind it all, Maplewood Senior Living is a rock for everyone in the community.

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