NEWSBRIEF: Pothole repair

This winter has been a rough one on streets and roadways. The rain and slush and the freeze and thaw cycle is an ideal mix for making potholes.

As temperatures fluctuate and rain falls and snow melts, water gets into cracks in the pavement. When the temperature drops, the water freezes and expands, popping out asphalt and creating potholes. Potholes also form when traffic pressures create weak spots in the pavement and the pavement fails.

Roseville Street crews repair potholes and other roadway cracks and problems in order of priority. They install a temporary patch and then prioritize the problems by size, number and traffic volume to see if more extensive repairs are needed.

Crews repair potholes as soon as possible after being notified of a problem. Let the city know about any potholes on city streets. Complete the Fix It Form at or call 651-792-7004 to report a problem. To report a pothole on a Ramsey County road, call 651-266-7100.

If you are unsure whether the pothole you wish to report is a city or a county street, you can review a map at

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