Paying it forward: TruStone Financial improves the lives of its members and community

The staff at TruStone Financial in Roseville: Over 150 years of combined experience in one photo!

The TruStone Financial building adds a modern touch to its stretch of Lexington Avenue.

Ben Littler and Becky Walker, assistant branch manager and branch manager, make sure to celebrate and support their employees, as well as personally make themselves available to all of their branch's members.

Employees combine over 150 years of industry experience to look out for members’ best interests 


Moving around the Roseville branch of TruStone Financial Federal Credit Union, calculator in hand, Branch Manager Becky Walker tallies 163 years of financial experience between nine staffers. 

In doing so, she weaves past transparent glass offices, through a children's play area and in between individual teller pods, which allow members to walk around and view their teller's computer screen. 

Behind each pod, employees take their time listening to guests and answering questions. From the minute a member walks up to that desk, they're talking to an industry expert. They're also talking to someone who will hear their concerns and help them find the financial solution that's right for them.

“Our solutions are benefits for members, not just a sales pitch,” says assistant branch manager Ben Littler.

As a credit union, TruStone is a member-owned not-for-profit; its income goes back to its members in some form, whether through better rates or free education programs. Because of this model, employees can focus on recommending products that are truly in members' best interests. 

“We’re lucky. We have some amazing products,” says branch manager Becky Walker. “Our products and services put our members in a better financial position.”

TruStone has the full line of products and services that members would find at a large bank: high-rate Money Market accounts, a low-rate credit card with cash-back options and various competitive loan programs. The Roseville branch has an on-site mortgage lender and commercial lender, as well as an investment specialist who comes in once a week. Additionally, TruStone offers full-service online and mobile banking, including Bill Pay and Mobile Deposit. 

The credit union is able to offer even more competitive rates because of its not-for-profit model. And the dedicated, knowledgeable team at the Roseville branch provides attentive, individualized  member service to back up the products.

“You can have a product that’s great, and when you also have the service to back it, it’s a win-win,” says Walker. "We offer both, which is important and sets us apart.”

In addition to improving the lives of its members, TruStone is committed to improving the life of the community. Founded by teachers in 1939, education has always been near to TruStone's heart. In August, it sponsored the Children's Business Fair alongside Do Good Roseville. 

One employee, Tou Choua Thao, was crowned Prince Charming at the 2017 Hmong American New Year pageant. As part of his reign, he put on a banking seminar for members of the Hmong community, sponsored by TruStone.

Every day, employees at the branch are finding new ways of connecting to their members and their community. Behind the teller pods, in the bright glass offices, bankers and  members are working together to improve their financial position and to reach out and give back to the community. 

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