Offsite Realty: Thinking outside the box to sell your home or business

Ken Straley with son, Willie Lee: the present and future of Offsite Realty.

Offsite’s realtors work to educate their clients, empowering them to navigate the real estate market and make informed decisions.

Ken Straley, far left, enjoys meeting clients and building relationships over a round of golf.

Offsite’s team of dedicated agents meets clients at home, at work or on the lake to help them navigate the real estate market


Ken Straley doesn’t get the Monday blues. On any given Monday, he can be found touring a brewery, coming back from a client’s cabin or sipping soda at the bowling alley while he waits for his next meeting. His company, Offsite Realty, is an “open box brokerage,” meaning he doesn’t have a set office space. 

“We have no doors, no floors, no walls, no windows, no boundaries,” Straley explains. “We go wherever, whenever, however our clients dictate.”

Since 1990, Offsite has helped clients buy and sell everything from breweries to investment properties. One of the brokerage’s core principles is that success in life and success in business go hand in hand. Straley encourages his realtors to do what they love and to build business connections through shared interests. 

“I tell our clients and my agents: work where you’re motivated,” he says.

From a business perspective, having agents who are active in the community helps Offsite market and sell diverse listings. Realtors who are passionate about cooking are better equipped to sell restaurants; realtors who moonlight as financial analysts can better advise investors.  

In addition to meeting new clients in the community, Offsite has retained a loyal customer base through its emphasis on education and customer service. Straley took over from his father in 2007, shortly before the worst financial crisis in decades. The brokerage was able to survive by putting customers first, providing a strong educational component and treating those affected by the recession with compassion.

“It was letting them know: ‘It’s not your fault. After we reestablish your credit, we’re going to find you the right property and start you out fresh,’” explains Straley. “We don’t just sell people homes; they invite us in, they become our friends. They start out as clients but then they become our friends.”

Client education begins with an initial consult. If you’re the seller, Straley and his team will provide a free property valuation and condition report, suggesting the most affordable upgrades and repairs to increase your home’s value. If you’re the buyer, they provide a free buyer consultation report to familiarize you with your target area’s market. 

The education component continues with Offsite’s “Trusted Partner Program.” Before selling or after buying, Straley has an extensive network of trusted contractors to help with necessary repairs. At Offsite, the relationship doesn’t end once the closing papers are signed. 

Straley and his team put community first, building relationships through pursuing their passions and using diverse interests to effectively market clients’ properties. Offsite’s realtors work to educate their clients, empowering customers to make informed decisions while earning the loyalty that has kept them in business for some 30 years.

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