Part of the family: Pet Evolution promotes healthy community through healthy pets

Pet Evolution recently expanded to the North Metro, with a location just off Interstate 694 on the border of Shoreview and Arden Hills, joining its original Woodbury location

A pup gets pampered in Pet Evolution’s welcoming, state-of-the-art grooming center. Right, enjoying a luxurious trim from one of Pet Evolution’s experienced groomers.

Co-owner Rian Thiele rescued Heather at one of Pet Evolution’s adoption events, adding a fourth dog to his ever-growing family.

At Pet Evolution, co-owners Rian Thiele and Mike Osborn work to support the community that has supported them since 2012


It’s a typical Wednesday at Pet Evolution: a golden retriever is basking under a blow dryer, a French bulldog is sniffing greedily at treats and a couple of cats are eyeing the toy aisle with quiet intensity. Both employees and customers are walking around the brightly lit store, discussing products and frequently bending down to attend to their four-legged friends. 

“Our motto is helping pets live the good life. That’s what we’re all about,” ays co-owner Rian Thiele. “And we’re here for the community and the people that come through the store.”

Thiele likes to compare Pet Evolution to a neighborhood hardware store. The space is comfortable, the aisles are clearly marked and easy to navigate. Employees are knowledgeable and enthusiastic. As a small company focused on providing pets with only the best-quality food, treats and supplies, Thiele and business partner Mike Osborn have already separated the wheat from the chaff – or the high-protein ingredients from the wheat.

“You can have a chicken and rice food, another chicken and rice food, another chicken and rice food – at the end of the day it doesn’t make any sense,” says Thiele. “We’ve selected only the best out of those chicken and rice, and that’s what we’ve kept on our sales floor.”

To help customers make informed decisions without feeling overwhelmed, Thiele and Osborn created a four-tiered system to organize their pet food aisle. The first tier is “Select”: free of corn, wheat and soy, as well as artificial sweeteners and colors. All of the food at Pet Evolution meets these standards. Higher tiers meet additional criteria such as minimal processing and non-GMO ingredients.

Pet Evolution also offers full-service and self-serve grooming. Their groomers are highly trained, most with more than 10 years of experience. Customers can also choose to bathe their pets themselves, making for a fun and suds-filled family outing. 

It’s clear that Pet Evolution, which recently opened its second location in the North Metro, is a community-oriented business. From the community inside the store at any given time, to neighbors and other businesses nearby, Thiele recognizes the importance of making connections and giving back. 

“When we thrive, the community thrives,” he explains. “The money that people spend with us is spent in the community.”

This past year, Pet Evolution has given back through donating to the Friends of the Ramsey County Libraries and through delivering a truckload of pet food to those affected by Hurricane Florence. Additionally, both locations host adoption events almost every Saturday, helping dogs find loving homes in the North and East metro areas. 

Going into 2019, Thiele is already planning next year’s Christmas fundraiser and setting a date for a customer appreciation event in the spring. With two thriving locations and a tight-knit community of fellow animal lovers, Thiele and Osborn are improving the lives not just of local pets, but of local pet owners and neighbors too.

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