NEWSBRIEF: Walz calls for 100-percent clean energy

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz announced on March 4 his administrationís plan to bring the state to 100-percent clean electric energy by 2050.

Walz and cabinet members said that the steps are important to reduce reliance on fossil fuels amid concerns about climate change.

“We must take immediate action to protect our planet for future generations,” said Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan in a news release. “We need to stop burning fossil fuels because it pollutes our environment, it’s changing our climate for the worse and it’s no longer economical.”

All electric utilities in the state would be required to use carbon-free resources by 2050, according to the governor’s press release. The proposal would include help for workers affected by the change.

Another leg of the proposal would require utilities to prioritize efficiency and carbon-free sources when replacing or adding generation. Thirdly, the plan would promote efforts for efficiency and energy conservation for consumers.

The state already has a 25-percent renewable mandate by 2025, which was passed under Gov. Tim Pawlenty in 2007. The release from Walz said that electricity generation in the state has met that standard.

“These proposals would put us at the forefront of addressing climate change,” Walz said in the press release. “Minnesota will pioneer the green energy economy, creating jobs while protecting our planet for generations to come.”

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