Roseville/Bulletin police reports • Published February 19, 2019

Arden Hills

Best outcome

Deputies responded Feb. 7 to a three-car, morning rush hour crash on Old Highway 8 at County Road I. Nobody involved — a 29-year-old Fridley man, a 53-year-old Fridley woman, nor a 22-year-old Shoreview woman — was injured, and they were all able to drive their separate ways after the police reports. 





Police stopped a 20-year-old man Feb. 3 on Larpenteur Avenue and Highway 280 for speeding. He gave officers a false name to hide the fact he was wanted by Washington County on a felony warrant for aiding and abetting someone escaping from police. He was booked at the Ramsey County Jail for the warrant, as well as giving false information to police, driving with a suspended license, no insurance, speeding and failing to transfer his car’s title.


False alarm

A resident who lives in the 1900 block of Walnut Street reported a package was stolen from their place Jan. 30 but then called back police to say it had been found.



Little Canada

Off-road DWI

A deputy driving eastbound on South Owasso Boulevard just before 11 p.m. Feb. 5 came upon a car in the ditch, so he checked it out. There were no footprints near the still-running car, and inside the vehicle the deputy found a snoozing 35-year-old Little Canada man. There were two open bottles of rum in the car, which smelled of alcohol; once awake, the man appeared intoxicated. The man got out of his car and refused to speak to the deputy. He also refused a breath test. The man was taken back to the patrol station where he agreed to a breath test, blowing a .18 blood alcohol concentration. He was booked at the Ramsey County Jail for third-degree DWI.


Recovered pistol

A handgun stolen from a Little Canada storage locker in March 2013 was recovered during a traffic stop in Rockford, Illinois. Two people were arrested and booked.

Stolen guns

Police are investigated the theft of multiple firearms from the 100 block of County Road B2 on Feb. 6, as reported by the weapons’ 38-year-old owner, a man from Maplewood.



Falcon Heights

Opossum, opossum

A caller from the 1700 block of Simpson Street called the sheriff’s office the afternoon of Feb. 7 to request a dead opossum be removed from the end of her driveway. An animal control officer left a message with her stating it’s a homeowner’s responsibility to remove dead animals from their property. It turns out the carcass was in the street so the public works department took care of it.



Mounds View

Already tired of it

An officer headed to the 2200 block of County Road I Feb. 5 to try to mediate a snow plowing issue involving a code violation.



New Brighton

Recovered cars

An officer on patrol the night of Feb. 13 in the 700 block of First Avenue NW passed two running cars in an apartment parking lot, and doubled back to check things out. He saw a woman and two men walking from the cars and checked one of the vehicle’s license plates — the plate didn’t match the vehicle, meaning it was likely stolen. The officer stopped the woman to question her, and after running her name, it turned out she, a 30-year-old from Hayward, Wisconsin, had two Minnesota warrants out for her arrest. One of the cars turned out to have been stolen out of Fridley, and the other from Minneapolis; both were towed.


Recovered truck

Security footage from the U-Haul lot in the 1100 block of Silver Lake Road overnight into Feb. 12 showed two men jimmy open the key drop box to steal a set of keys, and then a moving truck. Shortly after the time the truck was stolen, it was involved in a hit-and-run crash in Maplewood, where its driver fled the scene.


Stolen, recovered pants

A 20-year-old man told police the afternoon of Feb. 11 that someone stole his pants out of a locker that day at the New Brighton Community Center in the 400 block of 10th Avenue NW — the pants were found shortly thereafter. The man said his wallet had been in the pants, and it was still there when the pants turned up, complete with all its credit cards, though the man wondered if his card info had been photographed. Security footage showed two suspicious men in the locker room area around the time of the theft, but their faces were covered.




Disorderly conduct

Police headed to apartments in the 4100 block of Lexington Avenue the afternoon of Feb. 8 on a report of a drunk person causing trouble. They arrested a 57-year-old Minneapolis man for disorderly conduct and told him he’d be arrested if he returned to the building.



Just before 7 p.m. on Feb. 5, officers were dispatched to the 4900 block of Hodgson Road on a report of a car parked with its lights on in the area for more than an hour. The caller said they’d approached the driver but she started acting crazy. Officers arrived and found a woman identified as a 26-year-old from Burnsville in the driver’s seat of the running car, appearing very intoxicated and with her pants around her ankles, having apparently urinated in her vehicle. Officers attempted to give her a breath test but she slapped the testing advice away. She also refused the breath test at the patrol station; she was booked at the Ramsey County Jail for second-degree DWI, DWI test refusal and for an open bottle in the car.



A caller from the 200 block of Demar Avenue told police the morning of Feb. 8 that someone had driven into a group of mailboxes. When police arrived they found the driver, a 25-year-old Shoreview woman, who provided them with proof of insurance.


Winter wonderland

Police headed to the Grass Lake Nature Preserve in the 500 block of Gramsie Road just after noon Feb. 8 on a report of suspicious activity. They found a 36-year-old Minneapolis man who’d gotten his car stuck in the park; he’d mistaken “nicely groomed ski trails” for the road and tried to give it a go. His car was towed out of the park.



St. Anthony


Police arrested a 56-year-old man Jan. 29 in the 2200 block of St. Anthony Boulevard for two Hennepin County warrants — one for theft by swindle, the other for drug possession. He was booked at the Hennepin County Jail.


Righteous bust

A 20-year-old woman was arrested, cited and released Feb. 1 at the Cub Foods in the 3900 block of Silver Lake Road for driving with a suspension, no proof of insurance and parking in a handicap parking space.


Sick check forger

Employees from the bank in the 2400 block of Lowry Avenue called the police Jan. 29 to report a man, identified as a 34-year-old, who was trying to cash a forged check for $372.98. Officers encountered the man as he left the bank, where he told them he had to go to the hospital because of drugs he’d ingested. Police questioned him about the check, which was taken as evidence, and then took him to the hospital. He’s likely facing Hennepin County charges for felony check forgery.




Let it snow/let them plow

As snow fell again Feb. 7 into Feb. 8, Roseville officers hit the streets to enforce the city’s plowing rules, which call for cars to be off city streets when two or more inches of snow are expected to fall. Beginning just after midnight Feb. 8, officers began writing citations for driver’s whose cars were still on roads, logging some 120 by 4 a.m. that same day.



Assaults were reported:

• Feb. 8 in the 2200 block of Snelling Avenue



Thefts were reported:

• Feb. 8 in the 2900 block of Patton

• Feb. 9 at Rosedale Center (two reports)

• Feb. 10 at Rosedale Center

• Feb. 11 in the 2000 block of Asbury Street

• Feb. 11 at Rosedale Center

• Feb. 11 at Guitar Center

• Feb. 11 at The Vitamin Shoppe

• Feb. 13 in the 2700 block of Rice Street

• Feb. 13 at Goodwill on County Road B

• Feb. 13 at Von Maur

• Feb. 13 at Computer Revolution

• Feb. 13 at Portillo’s 


Motor vehicle thefts were reported:

• Feb. 8 in the 2400 block of Fairview Avenue

• Feb. 11 in the 2700 block of Rice Street


Thefts from auto were reported:

• Feb. 9 in the 2400 block of Fairview Avenue

• Feb. 12 in the 1800 block of Aglen Street


Shoplifting was reported:

• Feb. 8 at Har Mar Mall

• Feb. 8 at Rosedale Center (three reports)

• Feb. 8 at JCPenney

• Feb. 9 at Rosedale Center

• Feb. 10 at Kohl’s

• Feb. 11 at Kohl’s (two reports)

• Feb. 13 at Rosedale Center

• Feb. 13 at Von Maur

• Feb. 13 at Har Mar Mall (two reports)


Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct was reported:

• Feb. 8 at Norwood Inn & Suites (two reports)

• Feb. 8 at Walmart

• Feb. 9 at Rosedale Center

• Feb. 9 at Speedway on Rice Street

• Feb. 10 at Days Inn

• Feb. 11 at Motel 6 (two reports)

• Feb. 12 at SuperAmerica on Lexington Avenue (two reports)

• Feb. 12 at Domino’s Pizza on Rice Street

• Feb. 12 at Dunkin’ Donuts

• Feb. 12 at Caribou Coffee on Larpenteur Avenue

• Feb. 12 at Motel 6

• Feb. 13 at Motel 6 (two reports)


Property Damage

Criminal damage to property was reported:

• Feb. 8 in the 1700 block of Marion Street

• Feb. 8 in the 1500 block of County Road B2

• Feb. 9 in the 2800 block of Rice Street

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