Vannellis to pass the reins of St. Thomas Academy Hockey to new head coach

St. Thomas Academy announced Jan. 10 that Greg and Tom Vannelli will step down as co-head coaches of the varsity hockey team following the 2018-2019 season. While Tom will no longer be involved, Greg will contribute to key aspects of the program to ensure a smooth transition to a new head coach. Greg will also continue teaching health and physcial education at the Academy and coaching the varsity golf team.

Since 2003, when the Vannellis became co-head coaches, the Cadets have won five state hockey championships, 10 section championships and four conference championships. Through last season, the teams tallied 343 wins, 87 losses and 16 ties. The Cadets had the honor of playing on an outdoor rink at Holman Field for Hockey Day Minnesota in 2015 and annually share a top-ranked position with the best AA teams in the state. Since 2003, 30 Cadet hockey players have collectively received approximately $6 million in college hockey scholarships.

“Tom and Greg instituted new training methods that have been a winning formula and have had a profound impact on all of our athletic teams,” said Bob Slater, athletics and activities director. “They understand the science behind athletic performance and have used that science with the single-minded purpose of raising the bar for Cadets hockey. Individualized off-season training has helped our athletes reshape their bodies and increase their cardiovascular endurance. Applying sound nutritional science has shortened recovery times. And in-game technology has helped maximize the use of players and adjust game strategy.”

The Academy will post for the head coaching position soon, with candidates screened following the season. The Academy hopes to name a new head coach by the end of the school year.

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