NEWSBRIEF: County will request speed studies on Oakdale, Lake Elmo and regional roads

The Washington County Board of Commissioners requested Dec. 18 that the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) conduct a number of speed studies on county roads in 2019.

The studies will help determine the reasonable and safe speed limit on the roadway segments to be studied, and MnDOT will authorize the County Engineer to install and maintain the appropriate signs on the roadways.

The speed studies will be conducted at:County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 4, from Parade Avenue North to Highway 95 in the City of Marine on St. Croix; CSAH 13, from 44th Street North to 50th Street North in the cities of Lake Elmo and Oakdale; CSAH 14, from Stagecoach Trail to Highway 95 in the City of Bayport; CSAH 14, from 39th Street North to Mendel Avenue North in the City of Lake Elmo and Baytown Township; CSAH 15, from 30th Street North to 43rd Street North in the City of Lake Elmo and Baytown Township; CSAH 21, from 50th Street South to Hudson Road in the City of Afton; CSAH 21, from 34th Street North to CSAH 14 (Fifth Avenue North) in the City of Bayport and Baytown Township; CSAH 24, from Minnesota Correctional Facility ñ Oak Park Heights to 65th Street North in the cities of Oak Park Heights and Stillwater; andCSAH 38, from Glen Road to the Interstate 494 westbound ramp in the City of Newport.

State law grants the authority to set speed limits only to MnDOT, including for all local and county roadways, to ensure objective and consistent practices for setting speed limits throughout the state.  The law further requires that these limits be set based on the results of an engineering and traffic investigation. MnDOT conducts such investigations upon the request of the local road authority.  Washington County has requested that MnDOT study these county highway segments which have been affected by construction, development, or other changes to the roadway character. Based on the results of the studies, MnDOT will determine the appropriate speed limit for the requested segments and the county will be required to install speed limit signs accordingly.

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