Lauderdale takes control of Eustis and Roselawn

Mike Munzenrider With a Dec. 11 vote, Lauderdale took control of Eustis Street and Roselawn Avenue from Ramsey County, and plans to improve both roadways next summer.

The Lauderdale City Council voted its way to control of two major streets in the city and is in line to get some $850,000 for the trouble.

The Dec. 11 vote was the culmination of years of work between the city and Ramsey County on handing over ownership of Eustis Street and Roselawn Avenue from the county to Lauderdale.

Drivers familiar with either throughway are likely to know they’ve fallen into disrepair.  

Eustis Street is a patchwork of mismatched roadway and has neither curbs and gutters nor a sewer system. It last received a mill and overlay in 1990. While a bit more put together, Lauderdale’s stretch of Roselawn was reconstructed in 1987 and is in need of work. Neither road is County State Aid Highway-funded.

Due to the lack of help from the state, Ramsey County was unlikely to repair or upgrade either of the streets in a timely manner, so the city reacted to resident complaints about the roads and moved forward with work to take them over.

Ramsey County is giving Lauderdale $320,000 for Roselawn Avenue and $516,341 for Eustis Street. The city isn’t wasting any time on improving the streets, with a mill and overlay of Roselawn planned for next year and a rebuild of Eustis Street planned at the same time, with both projects happening roughly from May or June through the summer.

Cost estimates say there will be money left over from the Roselawn work, while the city will rely on special assessments to cover $300,000 of the roughly $1.17 million cost to reconstruct Eustis.

Nearly $250,000 of the Eustis project will be financed, while the rest will be covered by $100,000 from St. Paul Regional Water. 

Per the city, Ramsey County will turn over control of the roads on April 1, 2019. Between now and then, the county will continue to spot maintain them — filling in potholes — and will continue to plow both even after Lauderdale assumes ownership.

Per an email sent to residents following the vote, a public hearing on both road projects is scheduled for the Jan. 8 city council meeting, which starts at 7:30 p.m.


—Mike Munzenrider

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