LETTER: Thank you to my supporters, voters and volunteers

To the Editor:


On Nov. 6, we put the politics of rage, hate, bigotry, racism and sexism on notice.

But before we celebrate, we have a world of people to thank.

On behalf of my campaign, I want to thank all our supporters, voters and volunteers. Your money and time carried us over the top. As neighbors, constituents and friends, you shared your fears, hopes and dreams with me so I can better represent you at the House.

I also want to thank Sheldon Johnson, who has given so much of his life to public service. Sheldon has been a staunch champion of the East Side and our neighborhoods, and his wisdom and intelligence has guided us through great changes in the city. I have much respect for Sheldon, having seen him on the job first hand at the Legislature. It is great leaders like Sheldon who live the mantra of servant leadership, which has inspired an immigrant Hmong kid like me to come take your job. Thank you for your example and have a wonderful retirement.

Though we may celebrate today, tomorrow brings a new fight, that of governance. I need you to help me help all of us. We need to keep our new leaders accountable. We need to call, write and speak to all legislators to share our issues, vision and concerns. Your advocacy has not ended, it has just begun.

Thank you so much for your belief in me. I will fight hard for you.


Rep.-elect Jay Xiong

House District 67B

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