Hill Murray announcements

Periodic table celebration: Hill Murray School will create artwork as part of a 150 year anniversary celebration of the Periodic Table. Hill Murray was selected from out of over 200 schools to dedicate art for the global celebration. 

Chemistry and physical science students will devise a mosaic of art and science using an eight inch hexagon template to highlight the discovery of an element of the periodic table. Hill Murrayís assigned element is Manganese. 

A panel of Hill Murray judges will select three works. The winners will receive a monetary prize - $50 for first, then $30 and $20. First place will be sent to the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, who is the sponsor of the event and integrated into the global celebratory artwork. 

Zero Robotics: Hill Murray is one of  two schools in the state participating Zero Robotics competition, a challenging and innovative event coordinated by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Instead of based on physical robots, zero robotics is based entirely on simulations. Students create computer coding to make algorithms that run thousands of simulations. 

This year’s challenge; students will compete for the best pilot simulation, navigating a robot through an asteroid field on its way to rescue another damaged robot. 

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