LETTER: Thank you, voters

To the Editor:


I wish to thank the candidates for South St. Paul City Council and also all who took the time to vote. I was ready and willing to serve, but am pleased by the outcome.

I had major reservations about the scope of the Southview project and would have attempted to change the pending Fifth Avenue project. I am firmly opposed to the library project currently in progress, to add additional meeting rooms in a location with serious parking issues. Current plans call for a parking ramp, with only a nominal number of additional parking spaces. 

Meanwhile, a duplex right across Marie Avenue from the library was for sale. The city could have purchased that building at market price without condemnation and added a number of very convenient parking spaces for the benefit of library users. Likewise, the bank building on 10th and Southview became available. Good parking spaces, excellent location in the heart of the city where annual events occur, and again, a willing seller. Neither purchase occurred.

I'm no stranger to uphill battles, and I can only add a special thank you to the voters, who have given me another two years of relative peace and quiet before I try again in 2020.


Bernie Beermann

South St. Paul

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