LETTER: Endless days of construction

To the Editor:


Road work on Marie Avenue and Southview Boulevard was supposed to have been completed by now. As of this writing it's Nov. 2 and some roadwork is just beginning (tarring, etc.). 

I'm writing because my bus route (68) has been detoured for months. I live at 200 Marie Ave. (Nan McKay) and there's a stop directly across from the building, now unusable, as it's been for months. While this isn't a problem for me, it is one for the elderly people in my building who rely on walkers and canes to get to their stop. 

I've contacted Metro Transit, which blames the SSP City Council; Mayor Francis' office, which blames the construction company; and an occasional council member, who simply throws up her/his hands and replies that the situation is a hopeless mess. 

Why is it impossible to get a clear answer from anyone, and why has no drop-dead deadline been created for this project? And of most importance, why does it appear that the City of South St. Paul has lost control of it? I would like to hear from other SSP residents who have simply had enough of these seemingly endless construction delays.


Max Alberts

South St. Paul

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