LETTER: Turk responds to District 67 forum story

To the Editor:


A sub-headline for the Review article on the recent District 67 candidate forum amounted to a smear of my candidacy. It twisted my beliefs and shows that the author has a lot to learn about the priorities of the Legislature. 

The sub-headline was removed from the Review’s website but read “GOP candidate OK with wage gap between men and women.”

I was asked if I was in favor of re-introducing the Equal Rights Amendment. I responded that we have better things to do with our time. Let me first say that I believe in equal pay for equal work. But the ERA expired in 1982 and it’s just not practical to revisit it. No legislator would put it in his list of top legislative priorities.

Coverage of the forum did not improve from there. There was no mention of my pledge to oppose tax increases, my arguments against single-payer health insurance, my advocacy of state tax conformity to save you six hours in tax preparation, nor my advocacy of bipartisanship.

A headline that captured the real story of the forum appeared in the Pioneer Press and I urge you to read that story: “Candidate no-shows, Republican finds himself in 80-minute debate with wrong DFL opponent.” It’s absurd that I had to debate somebody I wasn’t running against and it had the appearance of a set-up.

To find out where I stand please visit my website, www.nonewtaxesmn.com and click on “issues.”


Fred Turk

House District 67B candidate

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