LETTER: Thank you Rep. Barr

To the Editor:


We all know our health care system needs fixing. Millions lost their insurance plans after the last “reform,” even though we were promised we could all keep our plans and doctors. I’m one of those who was personally affected.

I commend all officials who are trying to fix this mess. So I’m especially frustrated to receive a second campaign mailing today attacking my state representative for her positive efforts to start fixing the problem.

In March, Rep. Regina Barr voted to give people like me more choices to get health insurance. DFL Gov. Dayton said health insurance was becoming “unaffordable” for Minnesotans, and he let this common-sense fix become law. Yet now the DFL is sending out mailings criticizing those who are doing something to fix a problem Democratic reforms created in the first place! Thank you, Rep. Barr, for standing up for health care that can work for everyone.


Don Parker

Inver Grove Heights

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