We have a clear choice for state auditor: It’s Myhra

To the Editor:


This year we have a clear choice as we select our state auditor. Pam Myhra is the only candidate for this important office possessing the necessary training and experience to ensure proper government accountability and transparency. Of those seeking this vital office, Myhra is the only licensed and certified public accountant and she has actually held a position as an accountant and auditor. 

Myhra served as a Minnesota state representative where she gained in-depth knowledge of state government operations. There she sponsored legislation requiring greater government transparency. This bill unanimously passed the House and became law.

Government oversight and fiscal integrity are not partisan issues. Democrats, Republicans and independents can agree that the office tasked with oversight of local government spending must be led by an individual with the necessary education, knowledge and experience.

We have a clear choice, let's support the only highly qualified, skilled and well-prepared candidate for state auditor, Pam Myhra. 


Joyce Kastner Vogt


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