Like Ace, we need stores with roots

To the Editor:


I was very sad to learn that the Ace Hardware store in North St. Paul will be closing later this year. The Henriksen family has been very good to our community for the past 57 years. Sam and I did a fundraiser to benefit handicapped children served by the Northeast Learning Center. Late in his life, my father would go to Ace just to talk with the family and their nice employees. Over the years they helped me and my family with many projects.

Sam relocated the store to its present location about the time that the Target store was opened. This was very smart as Ace had a much better selection of tools and household products. Many people would go to Target only to find out that the item they needed was not stocked by Target or that their employees were not able to help. 

In fact, recently I needed a bulb for a specific type of fixture in my home and Target didn't have it, but Ace did. We need more stores like Ace, which have deep roots in our community.


Bruce Beck

Lake Elmo

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