LETTER: Vote Napier for the next mayor

To the Editor:


I have known Dave Napier, a lifelong resident, for many years. We coached baseball together for my grandson and one of his sons in the West St. Paul program for a few years. I have served with Dave on the West St. Paul council for more than five years now. He is level-headed, thoughtful, respectful and most of all, willing to listen to other opinions. His leadership skills will serve the citizens of our city well. West St. Paul is positioned for many exciting new development projects; Hy-Vee is just the first of many possibilities. These projects, as they come to fruition, will add to our tax base in a positive manner.  

I urge you to join me and my wife Sheila in voting Dave Napier the next mayor of West St. Paul.


Dick Vitelli

West St. Paul City Council member

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