LETTER: Support Anne Claflin for 54A

To the Editor:


I will be supporting Anne Claflin for State House in District 54A. Here is a reason why.

What do you think will happen if Minnesota has a Republican governor with a Republican legislature? See the policies implemented in the past few years in Wisconsin, North Carolina and Kansas as example. Moreover, I have seen Republican legislators who insist they are moderates throw that aside when their votes are actually needed to pass partisan policies, or vote so they do not irk Republican activists who could revoke their endorsements.

The DFL party is different, as it a big tent party. If it wasn't, then how did centrist Congressman Tim Walz end up as the DFL governor's candidate? Which is why Anne Claflin deserves support. We need a representative who will not fear being punished or lambasted for having a difference of opinion. Vote Claflin for state representative in House District 54A on Nov. 6.


William Cory Labovitch

South St. Paul

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