LETTER: Politicians need to address climate change

To the Editor:


I am writing to appeal to all political candidates to discuss and take action on climate change. This is the most serious problem we have, and it affects all of us. Even as a resident of the Twin Cities, I have noticed changing climate as many other people have.

For example, I am a gardener — there is no question that the growing season is getting longer on average. I enjoy the lakes — they are all much warmer in the summer than I ever remember. At my cabin up north, old pines are dying away and there are no small ones to replace them. All the young trees are deciduous hardwoods or aspen, which are trees from southern areas.

A lot has been made of the recent United Nations report updating the dangers and the urgency with which the world should act. That's the scientists speaking, and you don't have to buy everything in the UN report to know that we have a problem with climate change. We can see it all around us. I ask politicians to act on our collective behalf. And I hope everyone else out there will write their own letter. This is urgent!


Anthony Signorelli

St. Paul

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