LETTER: Perkkio: A fair, wise and measured judge

To the Editor:


I am writing in support of Judge Arlene M. Perkkio, whom I have had the privilege of observing at work. She is fair, wise and measured in her decisions in the courtroom.

I've seen her deal with the day-to-day low-level cases, treating each as if it were the first she'd heard that day, listening and instructing those before her with consistency, fairness, and kindness.

I have seen her handle a custody case with young parents who had come to their own agreement regarding an infant without thinking through the specific decisions needed to ensure a smooth future for the child. She walked them through each holiday, birthday and other event in each year, creating a workable, detailed plan that preserved the young couple's feelings and the future of the child.

I have watched her handle DUIs, patiently following the law and yet treating each case individually, across a range of offenders, some of whom had done nothing to address their drinking and didn't take the DUI serious, and one who had worked hard to quit drinking and improve his life. Her decisions varied in ways that gave each the best chance of success while respecting the safety and interests of the people of Dakota County.

She's impressive. The work can range from repetitive and uninteresting to potentially affecting a child's or adult's entire future. It requires a person with perspective who can deliver measured, intelligent, fair and impeccably based-in-law judgments. Judge Perkkio should have everyone's vote.


Janice Ziegler

Inver Grove Heights

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