LETTER: Lawyer backs Judge Perkkio

To the Editor:


I am writing to support the re-election of a very qualified and conscientious judge: Arlene Perkkio.

I have known Judge Perkkio for over 20 years and in different capacities. Initially, I met Arlene when we were both members of St. Joseph's Church in West St. Paul. Thereafter, I would often see her in court and admired her courtroom finesse and zealous representation of her clients.

When Arlene Perkkio became Judge Perrkio, I was thrilled because I knew that my clients and I would receive fair consideration of any issues brought before her.

Judge Perkkio possesses the characteristics that we hope to find in all judges. She is a person of high moral character and integrity; she has the ability to listen and be fair.

Judge Perkkio possesses these characteristics and has a track record of dispensing even-handed justice in a dignified and courteous manner. She is an asset to her colleagues on the bench, the lawyers who appear before her, and most importantly, to the community she serves. 

As a practicing trial lawyer for almost 40 years, I can say, without reservation, that Judge Perkkio deserves to be re-elected to the First Judicial District.


David Ayers

Mendota Heights

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