LETTER: Hark will be positive force on the council

To the Editor:


I am writing in support of Paul Hark, who is running for a second term on the city council in Inver Grove Heights. My reasons for supporting Paul are:

1. He's action oriented. As topics are raised with the city council and new opportunities arise, he takes an active role in moving things forward. An example is his work to initiate a swap spot, where residents can safely meet others for online sales transactions.

2. He listens to city residents. He understands that his role on city council is to represent the residents and work hard to make Inver Grove Heights an even better place to live, work, and/or run a business. Paul was instrumental in developing a new customer service policy, helping city staff become more effective at helping city residents.

3. He balances the daily needs of the city while keeping an eye on the future. He is actively involved in discussions on managing the future growth of IGH, how the city can leverage technology to make local government more efficient, and expanding the Economic Development Authority's visibility and impact.

Paul is a positive force on the city council and is committed to our city. I look forward to having him in office for a second term!


Annette Maggi

Inver Grove Heights

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