LETTER: Duggan: 'I will be present'

To the Editor:


There is being "present" and there is being present. I have been present.

I've attended 364 +/- council meetings out of a possible 384. I've attended many workshops addressing city issues, routine and serious. I've read the papers of staff, applicants, attorneys and government agencies; I've been attentive to all who had city issues. I have shared passionately on subjects as diverse as fireworks, bonfires, fences and drainage.

I chaired the city's 50th celebration in 2006. In 2009, I helped organize the school district's 150th celebration; all seven mayors of the district attended.

I was asked to help keep Mendota Elementary open. I did.

I was invited to help save Pilot Knob from development. I did.

I fought the Metropolitan Council's density plans of 15,000 by year 2030. Our population forecast is "set" at 12,000 by year 2040.

I was asked to serve on the Noise Oversight Committee when Jack Vitelli left. I did.

Jack and I worked with Edward Paster on the redevelopment of Mendota Plaza. Jack withdrew after a few meetings. Check out our bustling downtown now.

My wife and I do spend time in Arizona. Through the internet, the iPad and cellphone, I work with city staff and council "teleconferencing". State law permits this. I am working with staff to provide more streamlining. I do not believe that my "absence" has been detrimental to the city. I know they will attest to my "presence." I will continue to be present should I be re-elected.


Ultan Duggan

Mendota Heights City Council candidate

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