LETTER: A seasoned and salty representative

To the Editor:


Kathy Lohmer is running for re-election to the Minnesota House of Representatives District 39B. 

She is a seasoned leader, who has proven to work collaboratively with democrats and republicans to ‘get the job done.’ Kathy, a salty leader, has worked tirelessly to preserve ideals set forth in our constitution, upholding traditional values and advancing principles of small, efficient and effective government. 

I have known Kathy for 26 years and I have witnessed firsthand her commitment to integrity, sacrifice and strongleadership. Kathy cares about people; she remembers names, faces and what matters to those with whom she connects. Kathy fought for historic tax relief to Minnesotans, of which $1.4 billion between 2017 and 2020 will be returned to taxpayers and voted to increase K-12 education funding by about $1.3 billion, which will be directed to the local classrooms. 

Healthcare is everyone’s concern and this seasoned legislator fought to reduce or hold flat the individual market health insurance rates. We live in a divided nation, and Kathy is working hard to preserve our unity. I am honored this election to cast my vote for Kathy Lohmer, a seasoned and salty woman of integrity. Join me on Nov. 6 and vote for Kathy Lohmer, and allow her to continue to make a difference on our behalf in the Minnesota House of Representatives.


Cheryl Miller 

Lake Elmo

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