LETTER: It is time to lean in

To the Editor:


My name is Julie Ohs, and I am running for Washington County Commissioner in District 2. I am completing my third term on the Woodbury City Council and am well qualified to serve a broader base as County Commissioner. 

It is past time for women to lean in. This seat has been held by men for the past 20 years and going back to the 1960s only six women have served on the five-seat board. Governing bodies should be representative of the people they serve. That has not been the case with Commissioners for Washington County. 

We need to gain equality for women in many areas, but especially in government. The population in the U.S. and in Minnesota is roughly 51 percent women and 49 percent men. This is not reflected in the make-up of our political office holders. 

The U.S. is ranked 104th in women’s representation in government. In the past two decades the U.S. fell from 52nd in the world to 104th among more than 190 countries. As of 2018 there are only six female governors and five females hold cabinet level positions. In the last major election women in Minnesota lost two seats. The U.S. House is comprised of about 19 percent women and the Senate 22 percent. 

This is not acceptable; we must support qualified women. Back to the local level, ladies it is time to “lean in”. With this county election we have the opportunity to gain a bit more equity for women. Put your X by OHS.



Julie Ohs

Washington County District 2 candidate


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