LETTER: Committed to a cause, impacting young adults

To the Editor:


I am a teacher in Roseville Schools and support Wayne Groff for a seat on the Roseville City Council. As a teacher of over 20 years, one of the most important things I cover each year is Human Rights. It was in this endeavor that I met Wayne, when he was the chair of the Human Rights Commission in Roseville. 

The Human Rights Commission holds an annual essay contest for Middle School students and I encourage all of my students to participate. Several years ago our department was going to opt out due to the complexity of the questions, and a deadline that came too early in the school year — well before students could explore the importance of the issue and learn how to write a proper essay. Wayne and his team immediately met with us and remedied the situation and gave ALL my kids, regardless of skill level, a chance to participate. 

Once in high school, some of the students became youth commissioners that served in an advisory role on the Human Rights, Inclusion, and Engagement Commission where they learn how commissions and the city council work.

Because Wayne was so committed to a cause that has impacted so many young adults, people who will go on to be better adults, I support Wayne for city council. He has always been a thoughtful, good listener and would work to ensure that all people in Roseville feel welcome and included in city government.


Jeff Bibeau


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