LETTER: Yang gives me belief in the future

To the Editor:


Recently, my wife and I met a young man named Yele-Mis Yang who contacted us and said he was running for the state Legislature to represent Roseville, Vadnais Heights, Little Canada, Shoreview and Gem Lake.

When I served in the Legislature many years ago (1967-77) people treated their colleagues of both parties with respect and could disagree without being disagreeable. Now I am upset by the negative campaigning and lack of positive issue development by those seeking elective office, so I found Mr. Yang to be like a breath of fresh air.

Mr. Yang was very respectful in our conversations. He exhibited knowledge of policy issues. He also has demonstrated his concern for others in his work with youth and service as a personal care attendant to a disabled elderly person and his general concern for senior citizens, including efforts to eliminate the taxes on social security income.

Years ago I was very involved with campaigns, but I lost a lot of interest when I saw so much self service and inappropriateness in campaigns. Now, Mr. Yang has helped rebuild my belief in the future of our Minnesota government.


Dr. Robert J. Brown


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