LETTER: In these uncertain times I’m backing Roe and Willmus

To the Editor:


On Tuesday, Nov. 6, Roseville residents will head to the polls and have some important decisions to make on both sides of the ballot. Two critical decisions will be who do we want as our mayor, and who do we want on our council? I recommend we return Dan Roe to the mayor’s office, and Bob Willmus to the Roseville City Council.

Both individuals are proven leaders and have solid records of engaging the Roseville community. They are pragmatic problem-solvers and good listeners. Dan Roe and Bob Willmus believe in safe and secure neighborhoods, and they will continue to work closely with our Roseville Police Department in their respective roles.

It was very apparent to me at a recent candidates’ forum that Dan Roe and Bob Willmus are passionate about the Roseville community, and want to do more for all Roseville citizens. 

Experienced and principled leadership at the local level is critical when we as a nation and state face uncertain times. That’s why I will be voting on Nov. 6 to re-elect Dan Roe as mayor and Bob Willmus to the Roseville City Council.


Todd Anderson


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