LETTER: Roseville: Cut through the noise and vote

To the Editor:


In Roseville, we have many volunteer and/or service groups working to improve our community and/or life for our residents in parallel or cooperation with city government.  Roseville also has its share of citizens who are seriously disappointed with someone and/or some actions, particularly those of city council members and/or Roseville staff.  During election season, this results in misleading or inflammatory mailings from the Garbage Haulers for Citizen Choice. What will their latest mailing claim/infer?

Accusatory and defamatory social media is a newer weapon in this armament, accessorized by blind copies, distribution lists and self-identification as a “victim.” People who describe themselves as frail and intimidated by speaking at council meetings are emboldened to hurl remarkable, angry statements on social media. Why does visual anonymity empower defamation? Please leave me off your distribution lists.

This election season has some vitriolic behavior turning Roseville into a microcosm mirroring the dysfunction in federal and state politics. Charges against the mayor and city council members are circulating electronically.

Voters can determine the truth and accuracy of these accusations by examining city council minutes and voting records. What do we accomplish when we spend so much energy fighting? If you do not like the candidates, sponsor alternative candidates. 

I reiterate my support for council candidates Bob Willmus, Wayne Groff and mayoral incumbent Dan Roe, based on their overall performances as city council or commission members. 

Educate yourselves and vote!


Sara Barsel


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