LETTER: Moller’s for women, education

To the Editor:


I have found that these past few years in politics have been incredibly disheartening. I am a Shoreview resident, a woman and mother of three. My children are very young and I have already begun to dread the dangers they may encounter while pursuing an education, even though we live in a fantastic school district. 

My daughter is 3 years old, yet I fear for her safety in a world where the President of the United States can openly mock a survivor of sexual assault and be applauded, rather than condemned. I am a military spouse and I feel less and less that this country represents me, my values, or is protecting my rights.

Kelly Moller is a voice for women and children advocating for them through her support of gun violence prevention. She is actively serving on Shoreview’s Public Safety Committee. Kelly Moller has served for 20 years as an attorney supporting victims of sexual assault. It gives me hope when I see women like Kelly Moller stepping forward to be a voice for those in this country who no longer seem to matter to the broader leadership. Kelly Moller is someone I can proudly stand behind, and I hope you will too.


Anna Riechers



To the Editor:


Our local public schools won’t see a bigger supporter than Kelly Moller. As two teacher leaders living or working in the Mounds View School District, we support Kelly because she is more than talking points. She has listening points. 

Early in her campaign, Kelly sat down with each of us, not to tell us about her education platform, but to hear from us and learn more about what our students and schools need. She listened. She researched our ideas. She visited schools. Our thoughts became part of her agenda. 

Kelly Moller is the person we need representing us and students in House District 42A. She is a leader who brings people together to help make our community better. 


Denise Specht

President of Education Minnesota

Stacey Vanderport 

President of the Mounds View Education Association


To the Editor:


We’ve a lot to be proud of in our K-12 education system. However, Minnesota has the one of the worst achievement gaps between white students and students of color in the country. Business leaders cite this as a major problem in meeting needs for skilled workers. We compete globally for talent and we can’t waste talent if those workers are right under our nose.

What we need now is leadership. It is not just about money. It is about problem-solving across many different areas. I find that Kelly Moller, candidate for House District 42A, has a strong understanding of how to address it. She’s been a prosecutor for the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office, where she sees children harmed by domestic violence who have difficulties meeting their potential. Her approach is comprehensive. There needs to be a focus on pre-kindergarten so that kids are ready to learn in elementary schools. 

We need to break down “silos” among different departments and provide “wrap-around” services that address many different needs since teachers and schools can’t address all the factors affecting a student’s ability to learn. That can include ensuring safe housing, addressing hunger and understanding issues that parents may have. During a recent candidate forum, our incumbent Rep. Randy Jessup was asked how we would deal with the achievement gap and he did not have an answer. 

I trust Kelly Moller to address this problem as our legislator and I hope that you will support her on Election Day.


Judy Rohde


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