LETTER: Managing change on the Roseville council with our votes

To the Editor:


Change for change’s sake is not always a good thing, but a Harvard Business Review article on the topic said change is good to avoid entrenched interests, silos and the deadening impact of routine. Roseville has recognized that by limiting volunteer participation on a city commission to two terms or six years. Without requiring term limits, I would suggest the same should apply to our city council and can be managed by our votes.

If re-elected, Mayor Dan Roe will be on our City Council for 16 years, 12 of those as mayor. Bob Willmus will serve 12 years, all 12 in the same role as council member, if re-elected. On the other hand, Tammy McGehee has served two terms on the council so she brings a wealth of experience, yet fresh leadership to the role of mayor. Wayne Groff has served on more than one city commission and is well positioned to step into the new role of council member. At the same time, Dannah Thompson, as a young, Native American woman, would bring a completely new perspective that could challenge and inspire our council, while being balanced by the experience of the four other council members.

Ensuring our city council does not become stagnant by voting for a change in leadership will keep our city moving forward.


Kathy Ramundt


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