LETTER: Bull adds up to a leader, with experience

To the Editor:


The two Roseville City Council seats up for election on Nov. 6 are key elements in our ability to remain a great place to live. I can say that I enjoy our community; it is robust, diverse and economically healthy in Roseville. 

To remain a great place to live and work we have to elect community leaders that have great skills. They say “Leadership = Integrity + Commitment + Decision-making abilities.” Those skills, as well as experience, are key attributes needed to keep our community strong. We must elect council members who possess all of these attributes. Jim Bull has proven to have these qualities and experience.

While participating in executive board meetings for the past couple years with Jim Bull, I have come to realize Jim’s leadership skills. Jim is the executive board chair, he comes to every meeting informed, prepared, organized, is inclusive, accountable and is, in plain English, a good guy who cares about our community and has the integrity, commitment, decision-making skills and experience that will help our city council bring our community into the future with strength and prosperity. 

Please join me in voting for Jim Bull for Roseville City Council on Nov 6.


Sue Finney


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