LETTER: Becker-Finn supports victims, health care

To the Editor:


I urge residents of House District 42B to re-elect Rep. Jamie Becker-Finn. Jamie is an energetic leader and passionate about public service. I am a retired Family Court referee and Jamie was my law clerk for two years. We worked closely together on challenging financial issues and heart-breaking cases involving families and children in pain and conflict. In many of our cases, domestic violence was devastating to the victims and their children. Every day, Jamie demonstrated her intelligence, integrity and commitment to doing the right thing under the law to resolve families’ legal conflicts. I got to know her very well.  

24 years ago, I was a founder of the Domestic Abuse Service Center (DASC), where victims receive advocacy services, emergency orders for protection, make police reports and obtain assistance to find a path to safety. Prosecution of domestic violence is vital to victims’ safety. As the assistant Hennepin County attorney assigned to DASC for the past five years, Jamie has been a strong and effective prosecutor; she is creative and tireless on behalf of victims. The very essence of her work on a daily basis is to stop domestic violence and protect victims.

Jamie has numerous attributes that make her a top-notch legislator; as her former employer, I know them well, and she has my utmost respect. But above all, Jamie is a public servant of the highest order, clearly demonstrated by her devotion to protecting and advocating for victims of domestic violence. Let’s keep her in the House.


Patty Moses




To the Editor:


I support Jamie Becker-Finn for re-election to the Minnesota House of Representatives in District 42B because I trust her to protect our health care.

Jamie believes that everyone has a right to affordable health care. When Minnesotans don’t have health coverage — or are under-insured with very high deductibles or limits to coverage — the rest of us end up paying the bill. Clinics and hospitals pass on losses from uncompensated care and we pay for it through our own health premiums.

When everyone has preventative health coverage, it keeps the simple illnesses and chronic conditions from turning into major health crises that cost a lot more for all of us. Jamie Becker-Finn understands this and fights to make sure everyone under 65 can be covered through employer-based coverage, MinnesotaCare or Medicaid.

Jamie also knows that when everyone is covered, it gives people peace of mind, knowing that a sudden health issue won’t put you into bankruptcy. We have a way to go to bring everyone into the health care system and to do it with predictable premiums for all, but we have a good foundation. She is going to fight for all of us, not just some of us. 

Before the Affordable Care Act, women were charged more for coverage than men and people could be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. No thanks! Please join me in supporting Jamie Becker-Finn in November.


Cara Berger

Little Canada

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