LETTER: Becker-Finn is advocating for senior citizens

To the Editor:


Remember when the Minnesota Department of Human Services had a major backlog of elder abuse complaints, new people were hired, and the problem was taken care of? After that, the AARP put together a series of proposals to prevent elder abuse in our nursing homes and assisted living facilities. 

Rep. Jamie Becker-Finn advocated for these reforms, such as licensing assisted living facilities, but the Republicans would not even give a hearing to these proposals. Democrats, including Jamie Becker-Finn, tried to bring these reforms up for debate on the House floor, but the Republicans actually refused to even debate it.

After lobbying by the nursing home industry, who obviously don’t want any new regulation, the GOP only passed some minor legislation, some of which elder advocates say actually takes us backwards. So, when candidates talk about who is advocating for senior citizens, it is Jamie Becker-Finn. We need to get her re-elected for District 42B!


Susan Rengstorf 


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