LETTER: WSP faces stark choices in general election

To the Editor:

For the mayor’s race, Anthony Fernandez sparked this spring’s sexism controversy and then changed his story about why he voted against Samantha Green, admitting he had personal issues with her. Dave Napier supported Mayor Halverson and voted for Green. Fernandez attacks the Robert Street project without offering better solutions, while Napier made a hard choice on a project that had to be done (remember when ambulances had to avoid Robert Street?).

In Ward 2, John Justen demonstrates a deep understanding of the issues, while Jim Probst is either vague or gets the details wrong. Probst claims taxes are an important issue to him, stating that West St. Paul has seen three years of 10 percent increases. But he’s wrong (actual increases: 2018: 10.9 percent; 2017: 6.33 percent 2016: 4.77 percent).

In Ward 3, Wendy Berry is coordinating a tire-changing clinic to help women targeted by harassment, while David Meisinger has bullied, intimidated and shamed residents. And that’s not distortion or hyperbole  Meisinger’s behavior was seen in the Pioneer Press, the City Pages comment section and Meisinger’s own Facebook page (before it was removed this summer).

West St. Paul needs a mayor and council that support residents, know the issues, and can move us forward. Vote for Dave Napier, John Justen and Wendy Berry.

Kevin D. Hendricks, West St. Paul

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