LETTERS: District 42A needs a real advocate for seniors

To the Editor


If you live in House District 42A, you’ve probably received mail from Rep. Randy Jessup about senior issues. He wants our support, but hasn’t earned our votes. He and fellow Republicans have failed to enact key legislation protecting seniors and vulnerable adults.

Although the Legislature did approve a bipartisan bill in 2018 to help stop senior financial fraud, it was a sideshow. The main act was Gov. Dayton’s reform package, supported by Minnesota elder care advocates and families of abuse victims. The package would have strengthened licensing for the assisted living industry, limited evictions/retaliation aimed at seniors asserting their rights, increased abuse report transparency and added new fines for care facilities that violate senior rights.

Unfortunately, stiff opposition by the nursing home industry, and Republican surrender, torpedoed the package. A few watered-down provisions were added to the Republican budget bill for leverage in negotiations with the governor, but the entire bill was finally vetoed.

Jessup, his Republican colleagues and the nursing home industry were never really on board with the changes needed after a Legislative Auditor report and newspaper accounts exposed widespread elder abuse. If we want real regulatory reform and senior protections, we need to shake up the Republican status quo in the House and replace Jessup with someone who will truly work for seniors. Support Kelly Moller for State Representative, District 42A. As a career Hennepin County prosecutor and victim rights advocate, Kelly has the background to best represent our district.


Betsy Hayes



To the Editor:


I support Kelly Moller for House District 42A in the November election. She has a record of accomplishments as an assistant Hennepin County attorney and supports issues that are important to me. Those issues include protecting seniors and affordable health care.

However, I recently received a mailer from the “Pro Jobs Majority PAC.” It claims that Rep. Randy Jessup helped protect seniors in nursing homes by “ensuring those who abused loved ones will be swiftly punished.” This is highly misleading. After a much-publicized scandal concerning failure in oversight on elder abuse claims, advocates for seniors asked for legislation to help avoid abuse in the first place with measures such as licensure of assisted living facilities. What happened was that the Republicans in the Legislature succumbed to pressure from lobbyists, and the changes that passed were almost inconsequential.

The mailer also touts Jessup for voting for relief for health care premiums. Again, this is misleading. Jessup and his colleagues moved several hundred million dollars from the Health Care Access Fund and gave it to insurance companies to lower premiums only for individuals buying coverage at the MNSure health care exchange. That resulted in draining the fund meant to help subsidize coverage for people who work but can’t afford the full cost of premiums from the MinnesotaCare program.

Kelly Moller supports shoring up the Health Care Access Fund and allowing any Minnesotan to buy coverage through MinnesotaCare. She also supports real reform to protect seniors.


Kent Peterson 


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