LETTER: Mendota Heights: Decide your future now

To the Editor:


Who you choose to represent you as mayor and on the council matters. Were you surprised by the huge apartment building in the Mendota Plaza? Liz Petschel voted for that. Do you know the property at Highway 13 and Acacia will soon host two 70-unit apartment buildings and commercial buildings? Neil Garlock and Liz Petschel voted for that. 

Do you know the Planning Commission is proposing a section of Victoria Curve be categorized as medium density, which will allow multi-family units to be built? It’s also looking at other changes that will allow for more density.

Neil Garlock and Liz Petschel have supported increased density, which has resulted in an increase in traffic congestion, a decrease in roadway safety, and an increased burden on our city services — it seems reasonable to expect them to support the Planning Commission’s proposals to increase density as well. 

Our property taxes have increased more in the past two years than ever before, with an even larger increase projected for next year. If you want people who will retain what is left of our spacious character and who will make decisions that do not adversely affect our financial wellbeing, you must act now. Vote Jill Smith, Jonathan Zagel and Ultan Duggan on Nov. 6.


Tamara Will

Mendota Heights

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