LETTER: Lewis is making a difference

To the Editor:


Citizens of Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District, please consider Rep. Jason Lewis to continue as our representative. He has done a great job, and is planning on doing more work for us next year. Specifically, Lewis has, contrary to ads against his candidacy, not joined the political swamp. 

Lewis has stayed true to his conviction to remain independent, and therefore to act as a free voice for Minnesota. He has not joined the variety of party caucuses that ply D.C. with positions in return for favors. Lewis works individually, across boundaries, allowing him freedom, and flexibility, to consider issues that are right for Minnesota, as well as the full citizenry of the USA. This makes him different from others in D.C. 

Ms. Craig is also desiring to be involved with our government, but I don’t know what she will do. Her specific statement regarding the Enbridge pipeline is still missing. That is not what I want from my representative. Lewis is responsive to direct questions, and every letter I have written him returns with a complete discussion of the topic, written clearly, and with his reasons for a decision. 

That is what I want from my representative. An honest position, supporting Minnesota voters. Rep. Lewis is working for us. Check his action regarding the young people of our state through Career and Technical Education (CTE), and the Juvenile Justice Reform Act. We should thank him. His efforts are making a difference. Let’s give him another two years to do more.


Jim McKie

West St Paul

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