LETTER: Groff is a friendly face, and more

To the Editor:


As this fall’s Election Day gets closer, I am writing to express my support for Wayne Groff, candidate for Roseville City Council. I have known Wayne for several years, and I believe he will be a great voice on the council.

Wayne and I are neighbors, and he has contributed to our neighborhood in a number of ways. First, given his past and current work on city commissions, Wayne knows Roseville, and he has been a source of information when I have had questions about resident resources or questions about our city. Wayne has regularly participated in Night to Unite gatherings on our block, and he was engaged in planning meetings about the new Cleveland Avenue park near our home last fall. On a recent Saturday, he was out at the new park with 60 or 70 others on an abnormally hot day planting the pollinator garden, shrubs and trees! Last but not least, Wayne is a friendly face, and it’s always a treat to run into him!

Wayne is dedicated to keeping our neighborhoods strong because he knows they help make a strong and vibrant community and city. My vote is for Wayne Groff for Roseville City Council.


Donna Spencer


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