LETTER: Empower Berry on the West. St. Paul council

To the Editor:


On Sept. 21, my state senator, Sen. Matthew Klein, announced on social media that his tire had been vandalized. Coincidentally, Google.com posted a celebration of Mr. Rogers on their main search page, and that caused many of us to yearn for his guidance.

The question I asked was, “What would Mr. Rogers do if he or someone he loved had nails put in their tires?”

Mr. Rogers led a transparent life. We know the answer, quite well. In times of strife and trouble, he said often to “look for the helpers.”

It’s a time to “look for the helpers” in West St. Paul. On Nov. 6, I’ll have the pleasure of voting one of those helpers onto our city council. Her name is Wendy Berry, and she is running for Ward 3.

I know she is a helper because when her tires were vandalized, she tried to help others in a similar situation. She reached out to people hurt, and connected them with resources to get them help. She organized.

If we empower Ms. Berry on our city council, I have trust that we will be able to unite this community more than ever before. I trust that she will reach out to people hurt, promote resources to help the citizens of West St. Paul, and organize. I trust her because I have seen her do this, time and again.

Wendy Berry is a vote for the change we need in West St. Paul, now more than ever.


Matthew Schempp

West St. Paul

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