LETTER: In defense of unions

To the Editor:


Nobody knowing anything about world and American labor history, or current Republicans, should take the “Buck the unions” diatribe from the week of Sept. 23 seriously. Accept this “reasoning,” view your doctor with suspicion for belonging to the AMA, your plumber for belonging to his/her union.

Teachers belong to professional organizations because nobody can fairly bargain individually for appropriate wages and job protections. Look at education and educators in America. As gross generalization, conditions are better in northern, union-friendly states, worse in southern, anti-union states. Wages and benefits for workers in general are superior in union-friendly states. The upper Midwest, Minnesota leading, is long recognized for superior education.

Readers should understand documented Republican hostility to all unions; increasingly shrill opposition to public worker unions. Why? Greed and privatization ideology.

Public worker unions haven’t — yet — been destroyed by the right wing like private sector unions. Trace the decline of American workers’ pay since 1973. It parallels destruction of unions, a well-documented corporate plan. Two right wing groups are currently trying to destroy Minnesota teacher unions, following the corporate-friendly “Janus” ruling. Vote Republican to vote against American workers; 40-year track record.

For confirmation of Republican efforts to destroy public education see Betsy DeVos, Trump’s “Education Secretary.” Her announced goal: private education. Her policies have made college student debtors’ future more grim. Her “qualifications”: ideological zealot, rich Republican donor.

Do you really believe people making $10,000 less than other professionals, donating their money to kids, devoting years to helping kids, subvert America?


Thomas Dolen


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