LETTER: Bull: Not in the ‘hip pocket’ of a political party

To the Editor:


I’m a Roseville resident interested in our city elections. In looking at candidates’ information, it’s refreshing to discover Jim Bull, a non-partisan candidate who isn’t in the “hip pocket” of a political party and comes across as highly qualified. I learned Jim Bull is in his second 3-year term on the Roseville Planning Commission, and his professional experience with project leadership, budget management and communications would be valuable to our city council. 

I recently heard Jim speak to a group and chatted with him afterwards. Jim shared his experience and vision for Roseville. One focus for Jim will be finding ways to manage rising crime in Roseville. Jim is also keen on attracting and retaining businesses that provide tax base and high-quality employment here. He explained how better jobs enable families to have a better quality of life, translating into children sleeping better and receiving better nutrition — helping them have a better learning experience in school. Jim listened to me and responded thoughtfully. My assessment is Jim Bull is a good communicator and seems interested in the input of all Roseville residents.  

I believe Jim has the leadership skills, public service experience and commitment to help us successfully navigate the challenges ahead. Jim’s eco-friendly experience as a beekeeper sealed it for me that he’s got my vote for Roseville City Council. I hope you will also learn about Jim, meet him, and vote Jim Bull for Roseville City Council.


Barbara Simon


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