LETTER: Dignity not for sale

To the Editor:

Threats to Social Security and Medicare affect nearly everyone. Some 57 million people receive Medicare benefits, one in five Americans receive Social Security, and almost all of us will receive them at some point in our lives. Before Social Security, over a third of America's seniors lived in poverty.  

Rep. Jason Lewis pretends to care about Social Security and Medicare, yet he voted to massively increase the national debt by slashing taxes on millionaires and wealthy corporations, knowing his party hopes to offset that cost by cutting social safety net programs.  

Angie Craig does care about Social Security. She opposes any legislation that would jeopardize this country's commitment to its senior citizens. Unlike Lewis, she wants to increase funding to Social Security by having wealthy corporations and the top 1 percent contribute their fair share.  

Jason Lewis has said that money is a "good way to measure how valuable people are." Well, if he thinks a tax cut for the 1 percent is more important than retirement security for the rest of us, then who does he value?  

Angie Craig knows that the dignity of our elders is not for sale.

Dan Mikel, West St. Paul

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